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Lake Tahoe TMDL Program

Guiding Efforts to Restore Lake Tahoe's Historic Clarity


Lake Tahoe is designated an Outstanding National Resource Water and a “Waterbody of extraordinary ecological or aesthetic value” by the states of California and Nevada, respectively, for its world famous clarity and striking blue color. Over the past half century however, clarity has significantly diminished, threatening Lake Tahoe’s value as one of the few large alpine lakes in the world with exceptionally clean and clear waters. The Lake Tahoe TMDL Program seeks to effectively guide efforts to restore historic clarity within the lake so people may once again be able to see to depths of nearly 100 feet.

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The Lake Clarity Tracker is the central hub for information related to the Lake Tahoe TMDL Program. The About page provides an overview of the Lake Tahoe TMDL and the TMDL Management System. The Results pages provide the status of pollutant load reduction accomplishments for various source categories. The Resources pages include technical information and resources related to results tracking and reporting as well as documents related to program management and operations. 

The Lake Clarity Tracker and the Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools are sponsored by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

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