In addition to the information below, more detailed information and reporting instructions are available in this recording of a Non-Urban Performance Measures Reporting Training meeting held with Non-urban implementing partners on March 11, 2022.


TMDL Performance Measures

Non-Urban Source Category accomplishments are tracked and reported using a set of Performance Measures (PMs) that quantify the extent to which activities are implemented. TMDL PMs were selected based on relevance to lake clarity, alignment with existing reporting efforts in the Tahoe Basin, and feasibility of data collection. Links below provide tracking and reporting guidance, key definitions and informative context for Non-Urban Implementing Partners to accurately track and report TMDL PMs.   

Forest Upland Source Category*

Stream Channel Erosion Source Category 

Atmospheric Deposition Source Category


Results Reporting Process

TMDL PMs are reported using the EIP Tracker in one of two ways: (a) as part of an individual project existing in the EIP Tracker; or (b) through a TMDL Performance Measure Reporting Project established in the EIP Tracker for each Non-Urban Implementing Partner (project links contained in bullet list below).  To avoid double-counting of results, it is imperative that results are entered in only one of the manners described above - not both.