The TMDL Management System is a coordinated set of procedures that enable effective and transparent adaptive management of Lake Tahoe TMDL implementation. These procedures enable TMDL Program Managers to consistently report program accomplishments, identify and better respond to challenges and act on relevant research findings or technical information that warrant program or policy adjustments.

Documents below are the current versions. Historic versions are archived under Program Management on the All Documents page.

TMDL Annual Strategy

The TMDL Annual Strategy establishes the TMDL Management Agencies' annual objectives and actions. The document transparently describes TMDL Program priorities for the current year and provides consistency in messaging and communications with stakeholders. 

Findings & Program Recommendations Memo

The Findings & Recommendation Memo provides an overview of new, important and relevant scientific and technical information and findings that may support adjustments to the TMDL Program or related policies. Each memo contains new findings and TMDL Program adjustment recommendations influenced by information collected throughout the year. The Findings & Recommendation Memo is circulated for stakeholder review each summer.

MDL Management Agencies hold a Program Review Meeting each year to review and discuss TMDL Program progress and challenges and to consult with executive management on upcoming program priorities and direction. Proposed program adjustments described in the Findings & Recommendations Memo and subsequent shifts to program direction, priorities and/or communications are presented to the executives for their consideration and approval. Outcomes from the meeting are documented in the Decision Record Memo.

TMDL Performance Report

The TMDL Performance Report is an annual report created by TMDL Program Managers that highlights the basin-wide accomplishments and challenges of the TMDL Program. The report identifies pollutant loads reduced by each Urban Implementing Partner and summarizes pollutant load reduction activities undertaken by TMDL Implementers in non-urban source categories.

Management System Handbook

The TMDL Management System Handbook describes the coordinated set of operational procedures by which the TMDL Program will be managed through time. Five management system elements are executed on an annual cycle that enable TMDL Agencies to track and report implementation progress, identify and respond to challenges, and consider whether relevant research or technical findings warrant program or policy adjustments.